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Your Deadly Sins

Wrath: 80%

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Sloth: 40%

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You will die, after conquering the world as an evil dictator.

For some reason this doesnt suprise me. At all.


My entire bitching of the Star Wars universe, fueled by caffine. Enjoy.

I tried watching RotJ a few nights ago, discovering that my tape had been deteriorating so badly over the past near 10 years that it was unable to operate. I then rejoiced.

Empire is god to all the Eps, even the prequel stuff isnt that great. One thing that kept me liking Episode I was the fact that there was a MASSIVE droid army. I mean, these things were amazingly awesome, all so military like, and able to walk as one unit, and so on, they were nearly unstoppable. They were a bit dumb, but they didnt give up. But then they die because the Trade Federation put the control system on ONE ship, which amazingly enough is the one thats blown up. Come on. Anakin shouldve waited until more of those damn Gungans were slaughtered to shit. Theres another does Anakin learn the flight controls for the N1 Starifighter so quickly? As hes flying on the way back to Naboo, the pilots teaching him some of the most basic as fuck controls on an avionics panel. Twenty minutes later hes out doing barrel rolls and destroying a Trade Federation control ship. I hated Anakin period. The first episode he was a dumbass little kid, and the second one, hes an emotional PMS ninny. Grow some fucking balls dammit. Other bitchings include the fact that the protocol droid line is renamed to a "TC" instead of "3PO," which totally destroys the whole figuring of C-3PO getting built by IA, since he was built by Anakin, so we then must assume that all other Protocal Droids in the Star Wars universe that resemple 3PO are TC units. And then the whole R5 unit thing, which is basically the R5 unit didnt come out until the Clone Wars, and didnt have fucking disco lights for eyes like in Episode I.

And again, the saving grace of Episode II is the Clone Troopers. Basically clones of Jango Fett (who had a cloned son named Boba Fett, the biggest badass around) that worked for the Republic. Nothing cooler than these guys. They are badass just like the two Fetts. The battle scene on Geonosis, though short, is awesome, showing some of the technology that the Republic Army had at disposal. The new B2 "Super Battle Droids" were shit though, they were unappealing as hell. As a matter of fact, they remind me of the Might Ducks mascot, Wild Wing! They shouldve stayed with the standard B1 (as they were named) Battle Droids. But what the hell happened? They became clumsy as fuck in this episode! Youd think a newer version would be even more hardened and battle ready, but no.Well... Until the battle that is, then they start acting like the Battle Droids we saw in Episode I, except they died by getting shot, not getting shut down, which is the most ridiculous way the Gungan army couldve ever won. In essence, the Gungans ARE the prequel Ewoks. fucking hell. At least Lucas got them out of the way in the first Episode. But the battle between the Trade Feteration and the Gungans defies logic, very much like the Ewoks destroying the Scout Walkers in RotJ. Thank god the walkers are at least a bit more sturdy in Battlefront...

Im holding out for Jar Jars death in Episode III.


So I found a little quiz to see what DLR attraction I am. Im half expecting to be a decent sort of fun ride, but I get this instead:

Parking Lot Tram
The Parking Lot Tram: The uncredited workhorse of
the Disneyland resort. You take visitors from
the largest parking lot on earth to the front
door of Disneyland and back again. You aren't
the picture of glamour and most wouldn't even
think you provide any sort of excitment, but
without you no fun could be had at all. You
don't mean to, but you seem often sour. You
get little respect and sometimes get losts of
scorn, but yet you are faithful and eager to
please. People need you and you need them.
Your simpleness is the perfect backdrop to
showcase the eager smiles of children riding
you for their first time to the Happiest Place
on Earth.

What Disneyland attraction are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Fuck Disneyland.


So its been a long time since Ive posted. Yeah, I know. But, I came back. The only reason I stopped is because nothing really worthy of being put in here was going on. Mainly just boring old life. I had several computer errors and re-installs since I last posted, so that didnt exactly help me along in posting. Ill go ahead and update though, my life has changed some.

I did go to Texas, and take photos, theyre just not up yet. I flew on a new 737-800 on the way home, and enjoyed it very much. It was relaxing to stay there. But it didnt last that long. Less than say, two weeks, my life was back to normal. I was back home January, and had a wonderful late Christmas at home. Then, things sort of fell back into their routine. Family still argues, sister has gotten worse with her attitude. I still get in trouble for things I dont do. It kept going. Then, WestCoaster... For the years that I have posted there, I have let a lot of shit roll off my back and ignored much of the bickering. I cant anymore. Its honestly a bitchfest, and they have massive amounts of kids who think its cool to break rules and tell people about it. Shut the fuck up. I dont care what you did, youre not any cooler. I already announced my not showing up at Solace with them, just because I cant handle any more fighting.

Money has been an issue, I honestly feel that the family is going broke, and Im worried. I thought of trying to get a job, but Im not sure what will happen yet, since they havent called back. I still bowl, with a 202 as my high. I let my Disneyland pass expire, with no intentions of renewing it since I have no money, and the place is terrible. Faux happiness bothers me for some reason now.

Ive become very bitter towards people, and I dont put up with a lot of stupidity. You could almost say Im either very cynical or almost anti-social, but everything has a tainted negative position on it now. My only escape is to hang out with the few friends I still have and talking to people that I know. An occasional visit outside of my house is also nice.

So, thats about it so far. Honestly I cant say Ive been in a wonderful mood, and I know that some people know that. But then you cant always say Ive been a total bitch towards people either. Its gone about half and half.


Random AIM convos are great....

Racer92845 [2:29 PM]: Attention angel806is11: nobody cares what you think,
Racer92845 [2:29 PM]: yes it is
Racer92845 [2:30 PM]: wow, what a dumb post
Racer92845 [2:30 PM]: if you have nothing intelligent to post, why post at all?
Racer92845 [2:30 PM]: save people time and don't post stupidity
Angel806is11 [2:30 PM]: HEY JUST STOP
Racer92845 [2:30 PM]: hey stop being stupid and wasting people's time with mindless crap about cussing
Racer92845 [2:31 PM]: yeah
Racer92845 [2:31 PM]: and you can't tell me what to do
Racer92845 [2:31 PM]: you hypocrite
Angel806is11 [2:31 PM]: FINE I CAN JUST BLOCK U
Angel806is11 [2:31 PM]: THEN U CANT KEEP ANNOYING ME
Racer92845 [2:31 PM]: and i can just get all of my friends to IM you to death
Racer92845 [2:32 PM]: and i'm experienced enough to pass that
Racer92845 [2:32 PM]: hah
Racer92845 [2:33 PM]: yeah...have fun having no friends in life
Racer92845 [2:33 PM]: hopefully you'll die swiftly and quickly
Racer92845 [2:33 PM]: and nobody will ever remember your crusade against cussing...also known as the crusade of stupidity
Angel806is11 [2:33 PM]: SHUT UP U DUMMY
[session ended]

I'm so evil...oh well.


Woo. I got my most recent photo album up. Just a trip to Knott's, but you get to see the Bullet up close in some places. It looks pretty cool. Um, other than that, I'm working on another photo album of my room, just so you can see where I live, and maybe of one of my bowling alley that I frequent. That way there won't be so much theme park related stuff in there.

Uh, nothing else really going on. I got tired of DDR for a while, but I started up again last night, and managed to play for a full hour before becoming totally exhausted. I have a long road to getting back into the shape I was....

That's about it, enjoy the photos.


Dammit Mary, look what you made me do.

Anyways, in a more upwards mood now. Today is boring though so far. I want to go bowling later, that'd be fun....

Bowling...hmm oh yeah. Last time I went down to Westminster I bowled a 193, and picked up an old 2 ball roller for free that I'll be taking to Texas. Its made out of plastic, and I'm hoping its more sturdy than the fabric Ebonite roller I have. (that one is too damn expensive for travel anyways). I put about four pounds of duct tape on the thing to try and patch up all the cracks and then dumped some contact cement on random parts to hold them in place. It still has a bent axle, and its pissing me the hell off. I keep hammering it back into a decent position, but then it falls back into its original crappy bent style. Fuck.

I had a bitch of a game in soccer yesterday. I hate people. Because people think they know everything about soccer, and they don't. I hope that they just fall over and die. I'm actually not even going to go into the whole event because I'm not typing it up again...because I'm lazy.

Duct tape is your friend. I still haven't put my photos up, because I'm still working on them. Okay.

Um, okay...still nothing going on..soo...I'm done. I want food.


Okay, I'm bored today. Bt I'm working on a photo update of Knott' actually doesn't have that much Haunt in it. And then I'm going to do a random update of my room.

But right now, there's nothing to report.

So this post means almost nothing, except for the fact I posted about the photos...which you would have found out about anyways.

Meh...I'm lazy.


Well, I'm back here again, posting away. I didn't bother posting yesterday, because I'm a lazy good for nothing bastard....oh well.

Hmm, my flight to Texas is booked, I leave Dec. 17th. I'm pretty happy about that, getting away from people and relaxing. But, that's in the future, right now is what I'm looking at. After officiating a soccer game today, I'm pretty tired. It was a pretty good game though, except for one booking, which isn't that bad. I'm pretty sure the tournament games that I'll be doing in the future will be worse.

I keep on bowling, and improving. I bowled a 175 this past Friday. I was pretty happy with myself on that one. Other scores were 145, 137, and my first game, a 121. I'm pretty happy with my bowling too, I'm definitely improving.

Other stuff is going on too. Going to give driver's ed over at my school another go, see if I can pass it since I'll be there. I already know a large amount of the stuff, but there are probably some parts I don't know or remember, so we'll see how that goes.

TV is still my friend. Drawn Together has to be the most wonderful show ever. Just funny. I wish it was on more.

Meh, done now...I think I'm lazy tonight....